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LSS and HiiL announce MyLawBC partnership

The Legal Services Society of British Columbia and HiiL Innovating Justice are pleased to announce a partnership for MyLawBC, an interactive new online legal resource for British Columbia. This innovation will enhance access to justice in BC and give ordinary British Columbians access to a range of new tools to help them resolve their legal problems. It will feature public legal information, interactive guided pathways to diagnose legal problems and direct users to self-help resources, both online and in person. People experiencing relationship breakdowns can access action plans and online negotiation tools to help each party make a separation agreement that works for the family.

MyLawBC will be based on the interactive Rechtwijzer platform, a public legal resource developed by HiiL in partnership with the Dutch Legal Aid Board. It will include legal information on everyday legal problems and links to key public legal information and education resources. The platform builds on HiiL’s experience with interactive information, best practices for online dispute resolution, and research conducted with users and professionals. The scope of the interactive platform will include family law, family violence, wills/estates and life planning and foreclosure.

MyLawBC will help many people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. It will improve the average British Columbian’s access to justice for everyday legal problems. As a platform it will support other organizations in pursuit of the same goal. LSS will establish an advisory committee with key BC stakeholders. We will also work with an international committee to develop these new online resources.

MyLawBC represents an exciting new chapter in the history of public legal information services, not just for British Columbia but with its international partnership model, around the world.

Funding for MyLawBC is provided by The Law Foundation of BC.

We plan to launch MyLawBC by the end of June, 2015.

Follow what’s happening with MyLawBC

MyLawBC is our big, new online public legal education and information project, and we want to keep you updated and involved as the website develops. We’ve just launched a new blog so that you can follow along as we move forward, and so that we can hear what you have to say.

MyLawBC is an innovative new website that will help British Columbians solve their legal problems. What makes it different from other legal websites is that it is interactive, and will engage with users. The site is built around one core idea that we call guided pathways.  In these pathways, you will be asked a series of questions that will help diagnose exactly what your legal problem is and determine how you can best address it. Once you’ve reached the end of your pathway, MyLawBC will give you an action plan unique to your problem, which maps out the steps you can take to solve your problem.

Over the next few months, staff members will post their thoughts and experiences, as well as project updates on the new MyLawBC Blog. You can follow the site’s growth as we take it from an idea on paper to a working prototype — and all the way to the official launch next year. To stay up to date on all things MyLawBC, visit the blog or subscribe to updates through your email or through a dedicated RSS reader.