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ELAN goes to the movies!

ELAN is now coming to you in video form! Take a look at our first effort below.

As the video says, here at LSS, we want to present information about legal aid in as engaging a way as possible. Over the next few weeks, we’ll conduct an experiment using short two-to-three-minute videos to tell you about what’s going on in the world of legal aid and give you a glimpse inside LSS. Let us know what you think!

Keep an eye out for those videos here or on our YouTube channel.

What do you think of ELAN?

ELAN was launched in February 2011, and in the past year and a half we have helped more than 8,000 people keep up to date on legal issues in BC. Just as laws evolve, we want ELAN to evolve too. We want to improve the blog and make sure that we’re delivering the information you need in a way that is helpful. That’s why we’re asking for your feedback.

Please take a minute to fill out this short survey so that we can keep working to improve ELAN.


— The ELAN team

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Submission guidelines

ELAN will consider the following types of submissions:

  • Information about non-profit organizations delivering legal aid-related services.
  • An occasional feature on a service, event, or resource that is not directly related to legal aid, but may help solve and prevent legal problems.

Other considerations

  • Blog entries must reflect a region of the province or the whole province (i.e., not just a single neighbourhood) and events must have open registration (i.e., not be limited to invitees only).
  • All entries will be edited for length (300 words or less), tone, and consistency of style.
  • Blog entries must be approved by the ELAN editorial committee.

Welcome to the ELAN blog!

The ELAN blog will keep you up-to-date on Legal Services Society (LSS) services and resources and how they can help your clients. We’ll also post occasional entries on services, events, and resources of other non-profit organizations that deliver legal aid-related services.

The new blog format allows us to deliver more timely information — no more waiting until the next issue — and allows you to comment on entries and interact with other ELAN readers.

We’ll keep blog entries short and post them on an as-needed basis, so we can get news to you quickly. We’ll also send our current ELAN subscribers quarterly “best of” issues of the email newsletter that will contain some of the (non-time-sensitive) blog entries.

We encourage you to sign up for the RSS feed so you don’t miss any new entries. To subscribe, click the “Subscribe to our Feed via RSS” link at the right side of your screen. Or email us to be added to the subscribers’ list for the quarterly “best of” newsletter.