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Hot off the press from LSS! Living Together or Living Apart

Living Together or Living Apart

Living Together or Living Apart: Common-Law Relationships, Marriage, Separation, and Divorce

This revised booklet is now available in Arabic, traditional Chinese, English, Farsi, French, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese in print and online. Now in its third edition, this popular publication explains the basics of family law in BC, and includes information about living common-law or being married, the process for separation and divorce, how to work out custody, support, and access issues if there are children involved, and how to sort out money matters. It also describes legal options and where to get help. We’ve tweaked the content (minor clarifications) here and there, updated the LSS information, and added new resources.

French translation was provided by the Francophone Affairs Program, Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat. The French translation was supported by the Canada-British Columbia Cooperation Agreement on Official Languages. Translation and production of Arabic, Chinese (traditional), Farsi (Persian), Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese was provided by MOSAIC, with the help of a grant from the Law Foundation of BC.

What’s new on the Family Law in BC website: Frequently asked questions

Since last September, we’ve added six new frequently asked questions (FAQ), most of which came to us via the Family Law website email (see below). FAQ are one way to provide family law information that is relevant to individual clients’ unique circumstances. If your clients keep bringing you the same family law questions over and over again, why not consider submitting them to us for our FAQ section?

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What’s new on the Family Law in BC website: Enhanced self-help guides

It’s been more than a year since our last Family Law website update, so it’s high time for another. We’re planning to start providing these updates more frequently. Here’s the first one, describing how we’ve enhanced our self-help guides over this past year.

We had a number of people ask us why our popular divorce guides don’t contain links to the required forms all in one place, so we added a list of all the relevant court forms for each guide (with links) to:

  • Step 1 of the sole divorce guide
  • Step 1 of the joint divorce guide

In October 2010, we added two new self-help guides to the site:

We created the first of these guides to respond to a much-repeated request over the years for a guide that dealt with consent orders in Provincial Court. We created the second guide for respondents in maintenance enforcement committal proceedings facing a risk of jail because the July 2009 changes to our coverage guidelines meant they could no longer get legal aid representation.

In our next update, we’ll tell you about our newest frequently asked questions. In the meantime, why not take a look at the site for yourself to see what else is new?

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