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Saying goodbye to ELAN and hello to The Factum

Today we’re saying goodbye to ELAN and hello to LSS’ new blog: The Factum.

Since 2008,  we’ve used ELAN to keep you updated on new publications and services from LSS, changes to the law, and events and opportunities around BC. Over the last six years, the blog has grown and evolved. With that in mind, it feels only right to relaunch our blog to match what it has become.

Starting today you’ll be able to find all the updates you’d expect from ELAN — and more — on The Factum. The new site features a great new design that not only makes it easier to read, but also makes it mobile friendly, so you won’t have to squint to read an update on your phone! To stay up to date with The Factum, you can visit the blog, subscribe to the new email newsletter, or use an RSS reader.

Thank you to everyone who’s been loyally following ELAN. We hope to see everyone on The Factum.

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