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Hot Off the Press: Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC

Aboriginal Legal Aid in BCWe are excited to announce the official launch of our new website Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC. This website expands upon and replaces the Aboriginal section of the LSS website. With a new, strongly visual design built around community feedback, the site is easy to use and makes information easy to find. The website is designed to fit all devices, so you can easily read and navigate it on your phone or tablet.
The site includes information in plain language on Aboriginal legal rights, including Gladue, First Nations Court, and harvesting rights. It also has information on family law, child protection, social assistance on reserve (with the latest rates), the Indian residential schools settlement, and wills and estates on reserve. 
In addition to an easy-to-read layout, content pages feature contextual information on publications and who can help. This means that relevant publications and who can help information are listed right next to the information to which they apply, giving users the information they need to help solve their problems without having to search for it. Complex legal terms are bolded in red; when you hover your mouse over the term, a plain language definition appears in a pop-up window.
Finally, the site also features a community events page, which provides information on conferences, speakers, training opportunities, and community engagement opportunities that are of interest to the Aboriginal community. Community members, advocates, and outreach staff are encouraged to send information on community events to aboriginal@lss.bc.ca.

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