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Family law Word forms now available

A few years ago, we took down our Word versions of many court forms as they had been replaced by new official PDF court forms from the government. However, we heard that people missed the Word versions and so we decided to bring them back. There are now 23 new and improved Supreme Court family law forms in Word format available on our Family Law in BC website. You can find these forms on our Court Forms page; they are also linked to anytime that those forms are mentioned on the site.

Over the last few months, we’ve created, refined, and tested these forms. They can be used in a range of family law cases, including divorces, changing child support, or changing parenting. These forms all go a step beyond being just forms; included with each of these forms are instructions and tips that help you fill out the form quickly and correctly. Some of the more complicated forms also have additional, more detailed instructions and tips.

These forms were created with funding from The Law Foundation.

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