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Running out of print copies of Surviving Relationship Violence and Abuse

Surviving Relationship Violence and AbuseSurviving Relationship Violence and Abuse was written for advocates and community workers so they could help their clients understand their legal rights with respect to relationship abuse. We’re about to run out of printed copies of this booklet. With a tight print budget this year, we’re currently focused on printing publications that were written for clients, who often can’t access computers easily. Therefore, we plan to keep Surviving online for community workers to use as a reference. The online version is a searchable PDF, and pages can be printed to give to clients for information as needed.

Testing our publications for usability has shown that many clients struggle to use large, comprehensive booklets. That’s why we created (and recently translated) the Live Safe – End Abuse fact sheets. We’ve also just reprinted the small booklet For Your Protection: Peace Bonds and Family Law Protection Orders. Please check these publications out and order them online from Crown Publications to give out to your clients.

If you have any comments, please email us at publications@lss.bc.ca.

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