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Where to find our publications on Crown Publications

Crown publications quick linkIf you regularly order our publications from Crown Publications, you may notice that the “quick link” to LSS publications is missing. You can now find our publications via the BC Public Legal Education & Information link.

Over the last few months, we have been collaborating with People’s Law School BC to help them move from their in-house ordering and shipping system to using Crown Publications. Starting April 1, 2014, you will find both LSS and People’s Law School publications via the BC Public Legal Education & Information quick link.

All of our publications, and those of People’s Law School BC, are available for free from Crown Publications. You can find instructions on how to order publications on our Publications page under I want to get a publication.

Consolidating the ordering system for both our organizations’ publications makes it easier for users to find and receive the information they need. Any other public legal information providers that are interested in having their publications distributed by Crown Publications can contact us at distribution@lss.bc.ca for help and advice.

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