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What’s in a name?

You’ll be seeing some big changes coming to ELAN in the next few months. One of these changes is that ELAN won’t be called ELAN anymore. We want to change the name of the blog, and we want your help to come up with the new name!

ELAN has existed, in one form or another, for years. Since it first started out as a faxed newsletter, ELAN has grown a lot in terms of what we write about and who our readers are. These are all good things, but it means that the name ELAN just isn’t a good fit anymore.

We’re looking for a name that is short and to the point. It should tell you what you’ll find on the blog and it should, ideally, relate back to legal aid. Those are the criteria we’re working with and we want your help to brainstorm ideas. As a reader of this blog, you have a great perspective on what this site represents.

If you have a suggestion for the new name, please leave it in the comments below or email them to elan@lss.bc.ca.

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