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Hot off the press: Are you Aboriginal?

Are-You-Aboriginal-Gladue-First-Nations-Court-350-lssWe’ve updated our Are you Aboriginal? fact sheet. This fact sheet is for Aboriginal people who have been charged with a crime. It includes information on Gladue rights — special rights under the Criminal Code that encourage judges to take a restorative justice approach. This means that, when setting bail or sentencing, the judge must keep in mind the special circumstances that Aboriginal offenders face, and consider all options other than jail. Gladue rights apply to all Aboriginal people: status and non-status Indians, Inuit, Métis, and anyone who self-identifies as Aboriginal.

The fact sheet also includes information on the First Nations Courts in  Duncan, Kamloops, and New Westminster. It includes contact information for the First Nations Court duty counsel, and information on how to apply to have your matter transferred to First Nations Court.

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