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Interested in Gladue report writer training?

The Justice Institute of BC will once again provide Gladue report writer training starting January 7, 2014, and they’re looking for course participants!

Gladue rights apply to all Aboriginal people and are a way that judges can try to make sure that Aboriginal people are treated fairly. When applying Gladue rights during sentencing or when setting bail, a judge must consider:

  • all options other than jail, and
  • a community sentence that will help address the underlying issues that led to the legal trouble.

To do this, the judge needs a Gladue report. These reports outline the accused’s personal history, as well as what type of services are available to help that person address the issues that led them into legal trouble.

This course is designed to teach people who work within Aboriginal communities and the justice system to meet the requirements necessary to write Gladue reports for the court. People who successfully complete this course will have met one of the key requirements for being added to the LSS list of qualified Gladue report writers. For more information about these requirements, see the Gladue report disbursement pilot page on the LSS website.

To find out more about the course, see the course description or contact Tami Pierce.

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