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Clarification: Your Welfare Rights is not disappearing

A few weeks ago we put out an update on the status of our booklet Your Welfare Rights. In the update we mentioned that print copies of the book were running out and that, for the time being, it would only be available online.

Recently at our Provincial Advocates Conference, we heard from quite a few people who were upset that we weren’t going to publish the booklet again. This isn’t the case. Firstly it was fantastic to see so many people who care so passionately about this booklet and to hear how helpful it is. Secondly, we should clarify that Your Welfare Rights is not going away. Currently, the booklet is only available online as a PDF. Right now, we are working on updating all the information in Your Welfare Rights and once that is ready, it will be available again in print. This should be in the near future.

For the time being though, please use the online version and take care of any print copies that you might still have. Apologies for any confusion that the last update may have caused.

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