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Update on Your Welfare Rights

Your Welfare RightsWe’ve run out of copies of Your Welfare Rights. As you’re reading this, we’re updating the booklet to include the information from the 2012 insert, as well as making sure that all the information in the booklet is up to date.

As it stands, we aren’t sure when the new version will be available, or even if it will stay in booklet form. (For anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes complications of publishing, it’s because the booklet is physically getting too big to be contained by the binding.)

The online version is still current and available on the LSS website. Please use this online version as much as possible, and make careful use of the hard copies you have left. Feel free to print or photocopy and hand out sections to your clients as needed.

For those who don’t know, Your Welfare Rights is a popular booklet for people in British Columbia who need welfare. It explains:

  • who is eligible for welfare,
  • how to apply for welfare,
  • what your rights and responsibilities are while you’re on welfare, and
  • what benefits are available.

The booklet also has a comprehensive resources section with information on how to find an advocate and how to get legal information and help.

Thank you for your patience as we work to provide you with the most up-to-date information on this subject matter.

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