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Living Together or Living Apart wins an Apex award!

2013-03-22 11-03-45_Living-Together-or-Living-Apart-engWe’re proud to announce that our booklet Living Together or Living Apart has won the Grand Award from Apex!

The APEX Awards are an annual competition for publication excellence that judges publications on the basis of graphic design, editorial content, and overall communications excellence. The Grand Award is given out to honour outstanding work and was awarded to LSS in the one-of-a-kind publication category.

Congratulations to the publications team for this win and in particular Winnifred Assmann, the editor, Andrea Rodgers, the designer, and Alex Peel, our publications development coordinator, who organized the community consultation. We’d also like to thank everyone else who was involved in the production of this book, as well as the dozens of people from around the province who helped us review and refine the publication.

apex2013Living Together or Living Apart explains the basics of family law in BC, including information about being married, common-law relationships, what separation and divorce mean, how to work out parenting arrangements, and what to do about money. It is available online and in print in both English and French.

Production of Living Together or Living Apart was funded, in part, by a grant from the Law Foundation of BC.

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