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My ex from a polyamorous relationship wants to move to another province with my kids. What can I do?

Provincial Court sees families of all shapes and sizes and it can be interesting to see how these different configurations interact with the law. Last week we wrote about the first ruling,which dealt with moving with children under the FLA. It turns out that the second ruling on moving with children is just as interesting.

In this case, the mother of two children wanted to move from BC to Alberta. The father opposed this move. What makes this interesting though is the number of uncommon factors in this case.

First, the parties’ eldest child was born during their relationship, while they were living together, and the younger child was born after they had separated. Second, the father had a more or less equal amount of time with the eldest child and a much lesser amount of time with the younger. Third, the parties were involved in a polyamorous relationship with another woman, with whom the father had also had a child, and who resided with them. Finally, the father had earlier had a fourth child with another woman, who had also lived with him and the other woman, and who he continued to parent.

For the full story, see JP Boyd’s write-up of the ruling.

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