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Hot off the press: Consumer Law and Credit/Debt Law

Consumer-Law-and-CreditDebt-Law-17-lssWe’ve updated our online-only version of Consumer Law and Credit/Debt Law for paralegals, legal information counsellors, and lawyers with clients who have consumer or debt problems. Covering 46 topics, it also includes updated consumer and debtor statutes, case citations, and consumer and debtor resources.

We’ve revised the language of the manual to make it more user-friendly and added a few new features, like tips on how to search the PDF and internal and external cross-reference links for all “see” or “see also” references.

Please note that while most of the manual is up to date as of November 2012, Chapter 33: Limitations is up to date as of June 2013, as a new Limitations Act came into effect on June 1.

This edition is dedicated to Allan Parker, QC, who was the legal reviewer for several editions of this manual, and who passed away unexpectedly while working on his last review.

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