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Defending Yourself in court

Defending-Yourself-Breach-of-a-Court-Order-443-lssDefending Yourself, our newly redesigned and updated criminal law series, is now available online and in print. Each of these booklets walks the reader through a specific offence: the penalties they could face, the possible defences, and what the prosecutor will say and do. The charges covered in this series are:

As part of our accessibility initiative, we’ve been working to make all our new publications easier to understand and to use. This includes a new format and more visuals for this series, and a flowchart that shows which LSS publications can help at every stage in the criminal court process. The Defending Yourself booklets are meant to be used with Representing Yourself in a Criminal Trialand can be conveniently tucked inside that booklet’s new cover pocket.

These booklets replace the What to Do If You Are Charged series. The French translations of that series are still legally accurate and What to Do If You Are Charged With a Drinking and Driving Offence is also still available in English.

All of our criminal publications can be found on our website and are available, for free, in print and online.

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