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Is Your Client Safe wins a 2013 Communicators Award

Is Your Client SafeWe’re proud to announce that Is Your Client Safe has won a Communicators Award of Distinction! The Communicator Awards are one of the largest international awards to cover excellence in communications.

Is Your Client Safe helps lawyers and advocates spot the signs of abuse in their clients. It also explains what to do if your client has been victimized, and includes safety planning information, links to resources, and where to get help. Accompanying the brochure is a series of online-only fact sheets covering the following topics:

  • Encouraging disclosure
  • Relationship violence client resources
  • Relationship violence legal resources
  • Safety planning for you and your staff
  • Safety planning for your client

Is Your Client Safe is the product of a lot of collaboration within the public legal education sector in BC: it was co-published with the Ending Violence Association of BC, adapted in part from Jocelyn Coupal’s work, funded by a grant from the Ministry of Justice (through civil forfeiture proceeds), and improved with input and feedback from many people in the community.

Congratulations to everyone involved for the well-deserved win!

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