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Hot off the press: New and revised publications for the Family Law Act, part 1

All of the following publications have been updated to conform to the new BC Family Law Act (March 18, 2013).

For Your Protection: Peace Bonds and Family Law Protection Orders

For-Your-Protection-20-lssExplains how and when people can apply for peace bonds and family law protection orders, and what the differences are between them. This publication is for women who need protection from violent partners or former partners, but the information applies to anyone in an abusive relationship.

Getting Parenting and Support Orders
(flow chart)

This poster provides a step-by-step overview of the process for getting orders for parenting and support in Provincial (Family) Court. The poster also includes which forms you need to file. The poster comes in dry-erase lamination.

How-to-Become-a-Childs-Guardian-440-lssHow to Become a Child’s Guardian

This fact sheet describes the new BC Family Law Act requirements for anyone applying to court to become a child’s guardian. Anyone who wants to become a guardian can apply, including a parent who isn’t a guardian, or any other person (relative or non-relative).

The fact sheet includes:

  • links to the self-help guides on the Family Law in BC website that you can use to help you with the application process, and
  • links to additional forms that you need to fill out.

Understanding Court Orders and HearingsUnderstanding-Court-Orders-and-Hearings-261-lss

This fact sheet describes many of the court orders and hearings involved in child protection cases. Intended for Aboriginal people, it’s written in plain language and contains an area for writing notes about the details of your case.

pub_thumbnail_PRKRParents’ Rights, Kids’ Rights: A Parent’s Guide to Child Protection Law in BC

Explains what happens if the director of Child Welfare has concerns about a child’s safety or plans to remove a child from the family home. Describes shared decision-making options and what can be decided in court at the presentation and protection hearings. Includes:

  • an overview of the child protection process for Aboriginal children and families,
  • legal and community resources, and
  • definitions of terms.

Also includes two flow charts — available as stand-alone pieces — of the child protection process and of the Aboriginal child protection process.

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