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Update to the Your Welfare Rights update

We were alerted last week that the Ministry of Social Development has adjusted their policies since our Your Welfare Rights Update was published in October 2012. There are two changes to the content on pages 14 – 15 of the update.

The first one is an addition. There has been a $1,000 exemption increase (from $500) for two-adult families if only one adult has the PWD designation.

The second one is a correction. The update reads:

Also, as of January 2013, the ministry will add up your earnings exemptions per year rather than per month (again, only for those on PWD). This change means that you can earn more when you feel healthy and able to work without affecting your benefits. The total you can earn per year will be:

  • $9,600 per year for family units with one person on PWD
  • $19,200 per year for family units with two people on PWD

This is now incorrect. There is a pilot project to calculate the earnings exemption on a yearly basis, but it only applies to people who were offered the annual earnings exemption and accepted it.

We’ve produced a correction label to place on the front of all remaining copies. Crown Publications, our distributer, is holding all orders until the labels are applied to the covers.

 YWR correction

The labels will read:

Corrections: PWD earnings exemption raised, changing to yearly basis
(pages 14–15 of update)

Add a third bullet to the first paragraph:

  • $1,000 per month for two-adult family units if only one adult has the PWD designation (up from $500 per month).

The only people on PWD eligible for the annual earnings exemption described on page 14 are those who the ministry offered it to (and who accepted).

Please don’t hand out any copies of Your Welfare Rights without the correction label. If you currently have copies of Your Welfare Rights, email us, and we’ll send you labels (let us know how many you need).

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