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We have a winner!

Today is the day! The new Family Law Act has come into force. To prepare for the new act, we created new materials and updated more than 20 booklets, brochures, flow charts, and fact sheets – all of which are available now (see Families & children and Abuse & family violence on the LSS website for links to updated versions of your favourite family law publications).

Over the last few months, we posted drafts of 16 of those publications, asked for your feedback, and — as if a sneak peak at our upcoming family law materials wasn’t enough — offered a chance to win a Kobo eReader to entice you. The response was fantastic! We received almost 100 responses that have helped us further refine and improve these publications (and will continue to help us with future editions).

We’ve now held the draw for the eReader. The lucky winner is Amber from Golden, BC!

Amber is a sole practitioner at One World Law Group in Golden, which deals with lots of family law. She used to work as a staff lawyer for the LSS LawLINE while it was still active, and now takes on family and child protection legal aid cases. Amber makes various LSS publications in her office available to her clients and says she “loves the plain language legal education tools.” And she’s an ELAN blog reader!

Thanks again to Amber and everyone who participated!

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