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Have a family law question? Ask a law student!

2013-03-08 15-33-56_LiveHelp

We’ve started a new experiment on the Family Law in BC website; a chat service where you can ask law students questions about family law. This project, called LiveHelp, lets visitors to the site chat in real time with law students who help them navigate the site to find the information and resources they need to address their family law issues. If you’ve ever used a customer service chat to, say, talk to your phone company, then you’ll have a basic idea of how it works.

Right now, this is just an experiment, so it may be a little bumpy and it’s only available from 8–10pm on Monday and Tuesday evenings through the end of the month. We want to find out if people want to use something like this and how we can make the service better. We’d appreciate it if you could help us test LiveHelp by trying it out and asking a question, sharing this post, and giving us your feedback.

If you want to give it a try, you can find a link in the sidebar of the home page or visit the LiveHelp page directly.

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