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The Family Law Act and ordering our publications

The new BC Family Law Act is coming soon! In less than two weeks, on March 18, 2013, the new Family Law Act will come into force and the old Family Relations Act will no longer apply. That means that most of our family law publications will be changing then too.

In the meantime, we want to make sure that you’re not receiving a large order of publications that will quickly go out of date. We’ve asked Crown Publications, the people who send out all our publications, to hold off sending out our family law publications that will change with the new Family Law Act. Instead they’ll take your orders and send out the new, Family Law Act accurate, versions once the act comes into force.

You can continue to order our publications as you usually do. The only change is that there will be a slight delay on the delivery of some family law publications until after the new act comes into force.

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