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Hot off the press: Two new family law publications

Family Law in BC — Quick Reference Tool

FL_QuickReferenceToolLSS has created a new quick reference guide in an appealing postcard format. Together, the set of cards covers the key concepts of family law while highlighting the upcoming changes to these laws in BC. Each card conveniently fans out, covering one topic such as agreements and court orders, parenting issues, or who can help. The publication also includes charts that compare the existing Family Relations Act and the Family Law Act (coming into effect March 18, 2013). Clearly written information and engaging visuals are meant to provide a helpful overview before readers move on to more comprehensive resources.

The New BC Family Law Act — Frequently Asked Questions

FL_FAQThis new fact sheet offers information about the new BC Family Law Act in simple question and answer format. It covers the meaning of the new legal terms; addresses the concerns of those who already have a court order or agreement; and explains the new property division rules for married or unmarried couples. Limited stock is available: order from LSS while quantities last. A PDF version suitable for printing and an online fact sheet version are available on the Family Law in BC website.

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