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Hot off the press: If You Can’t Get a Lawyer for Your Criminal Trial: How to Make a Rowbotham Application

If-You-Cant-Get-a-Lawyer-for-Your-Criminal-Trial-300-lssFor people facing serious and complex criminal charges who have been denied legal aid but cannot afford a lawyer, If You Can’t Get a Lawyer for Your Criminal Trial explains why, how, and when to ask the judge to appoint a free lawyer. It includes a checklist of points to cover in court and copies of the necessary court forms.

The third edition of this booklet features a redesigned cover that brings it into line with our other new criminal publications. We added some text to the front cover to clarify who the booklet is for (“Denied legal aid? Can’t afford a lawyer? Facing a serious/complex criminal charge?”) We also added a sentence to the court section to clarify that you can’t appeal a denial, but you can make another Rowbotham application if circumstances change.

Please note that the second edition is still current and legally accurate.

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