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Correction to the Guide to the New BC Family Law Act

Recently we released the Guide to the New BC Family Law Act, a new booklet about the upcoming Family Law Act and the effect it will have on family law in BC. We have just been alerted to (and have corrected) a small error in that guide.

For those who downloaded the booklet before October 24, the chapter “The Divorce Act and when the language will not change” on page 6 read:

Settling issues with the FLA means you could go to either Supreme or Provincial Court, while resolving issues about property or debt using the [Divorce Act] means you can only go to Supreme Court.

However, you cannot use the Divorce Act to resolve issues of property and debt. You can only do that using the Family Law Act. We have now removed those three words.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

A corrected version of the Guide is available on our website and the soon-to-be-released print version will also be correct.

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