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LSS publications win APEX Awards!

We’re proud to announce that the LSS publishing team has won two Awards of Excellence at the 2012 APEX Awards this year.

The APEX Awards are an annual competition for publication excellence that judges publications on the basis of graphic design, editorial content, and overall communications excellence. Apex Awards of Excellence recognize exceptional entries in individual categories. Our booklet A Guide to Aboriginal Harvesting Rights won in the category One-of-a-kind (print), while the LSS Service Plan 2011/2012 – 2013/2014 won in the category Public Services (reports).

A Guide to Aboriginal Harvesting Rights explains what your options are if you’ve been charged with a harvesting offence (such as illegally hunting or fishing), including where to get legal help. It also tells you what happens in court during a harvesting rights trial, and what you can expect from your lawyer.

Our LSS Service Plan 2011/2012 – 2013/2014 describes how we plan on delivering legal aid to those in need and what our priorities are over a three-year period. It is available on our Annual Reports and Service Plans page.

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