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Hot off the press: Two relationship violence fact sheets now available in print

Women Abused by Their Partners

Men Abused by Their Partners

These two facts sheets are part of the Live Safe — End Abuse series. LSS first developed these fact sheets as gender-neutral tools to help those who experience relationship abuse. Feedback from the community told us that the nature of abuse for women and men was different enough to warrant a specific fact sheet for each gender. We spoke to women’s and men’s support groups to better understand these differences and develop appropriate fact sheets.

Women Abused by Their Partners focuses on information for women who are abused by their male partners. To provide meaningful information, we met with organizations that support women who have experienced abuse. The information about why a woman may stay in an abusive relationship is gender specific; the community resources include places where women can feel safe and get support.

Men Abused by Their Partners is a fact sheet for men abused by their female partners. We sent out a survey to over 15 organizations that provide support services for men and families in BC. The thoughtful feedback we received confirmed that the fact sheet is a good starting point to educate both victims of abuse and the public that this abuse does exist and that victims are not alone. We also added contact information for specific organizations that can support men who have been abused. The Nanaimo Men’s Resources Centre commented that they are “… very encouraged by your project and think that it will add an important piece to the education needed by society about domestic violence.”

We are currently working with Qmunity on developing resources for lesbian, gay, transgendered, and bisexual victims of relationship violence.

These new fact sheets are a result of the generous input of passionate stakeholders in the community. We welcome your continued feedback to publications@lss.bc.ca.

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