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Family mediation pilot project expanded across BC

The BC government has expanded the Notice to Mediate (Family) pilot project to all Supreme Court registries in BC. (This program used to be available only in Nanaimo, Victoria, New Westminster, and Vancouver.) This means that people with family law cases in BC Supreme Court will have to go to at least one mediation session if the other party involved in the case requests it. The law will allow exceptions if mediation would be unsafe.

Mediation is meant to help families keep their cases out of court. The mediator first meets with each party to discuss how mediation works and to review important documents, and then meets with all parties together. By resolving issues outside of court, mediation encourages families to reach agreements without the time, cost, and emotional burden of going to court.

For more information, see our fact sheet, Making mediation happen in a BC family law case on the Family Law in BC website.

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