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Changes to some Supreme Court family forms

On  April 25, 2012, these Supreme Court family forms were replaced with revised versions:

  • Child Support Affidavit (Form F37)
  • Affidavit — Desk Order Divorce (Form F38)
  • Order Made After Application (Form F51)
  • Final Order (Form F52)
  • Restraining Order (Form F54)
  • Order for Indigent Status (Form F85)

The old forms contained instructions and a lot of options with tick boxes. These tick box options were meant to simplify the forms, and make it easier for people to fill them out correctly. However, the filled-out forms contained a lot of options that didn’t apply to the particular user’s case as well as all the instructions for filling out the forms. Courts would reject them as incorrect or confusing.

Although the instructions now say to remove the instructions and the options that don’t apply, users can’t delete anything when they fill out the forms. But the revised online forms will automatically remove those instructions and options when the form is printed. These sections will remain in the form on-screen. In other words, what’s on the screen will not match what’s on the printed form. The printed version is the correct form.

However, for this to work, the forms must always be filled out on a computer (or completely retyped; forms with crossed-out sections will not be accepted by the courts).

The introduction to the Court forms page on the Family Law in BC website contains some links to how-to guides and services that can help people with filling out Supreme Court forms. See our What’s new in family law page for more information about the changes.

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