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Tell your story: Representing yourself in court

A unique research project is collecting the stories of people who represent themselves in court. Julie Macfarlane of the University of Windsor Faculty of Law is studying the growing number of self-represented people. She is looking for personal stories — how people ended up representing themselves, what happened as they moved through the legal process, and whether their expectations of justice matched the results.

Funded by LSS and the Law Foundation, her study gives self-represented people a chance to share their experiences in the legal system, including forms, processes, procedures, and interpreting legal language — as well as personal stories and emotional journeys. They are a critical part of the legal system. This project encourages them to share their stories with policy makers, judges, and others in the justice system.

Information about the people who share their stories is kept confidential. Interviews are scheduled at their convenience.

If you or someone you know has self-represented in court in a family or other civil (but not criminal) matter, please contact the project to share your experiences. To participate or learn more about the project, check out the website, send an email to representingyourself@gmail.com, or call 1-888-775-8125 (toll-free).

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