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Hot off the press: Can’t Pay Your Mortgage?

Can’t Pay Your Mortgage?

What you can do if you’re facing foreclosure

This revised booklet is for homeowners who can’t make their mortgage payments, or have received a Petition to go to court. It explains what they can do when lenders try to take their properties because of missed payments (foreclosure). The 2012 edition incorporates changes to Supreme Court Civil Rules that occurred after publication of the previous edition.

A flow chart at the beginning of the booklet shows the two options you can choose when facing foreclosure — solving the problem without going to court or following the steps of the court process. The rest of the booklet describes these options in detail. “Solve the problem” explains about reinstating or redeeming a mortgage. “Go to court” covers how the court action starts, what steps you can take to prepare for and appear in court, and what happens when your home is sold.

The redesigned two-column, two-colour format with visual accents increases the readability of information. Icons of small houses alert readers about specific points, and the house motif highlights answers to homeowners’ questions about foreclosure.

The 14-page booklet concludes with information about where to find required court forms online and the instructions to complete them, how to prepare an Affidavit, and a list of legal agencies that can provide more help.

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