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Hot off the press: Women Abused by Their Partners, Abuse in Same-Sex Relationships, and Transgender People and Relationship Abuse

Women Abused by Their Partners

This new fact sheet is about women abused by their male partners. An addition to the Live Safe — End Abuse series about relationship abuse (domestic violence), it explains what the term abuse means, abuse that is against the law, and where to get community support services and legal help. The fact sheet is now available online only.

Also available on the LSS website are two other publications dealing with relationship violence: Transgender People and Relationship Abuse and Abuse in Same-Sex Relationships. Both brochures describe abuse, in transgender and same-sex relationships respectively, and provide a list of available resources. These publications were produced by Qmunity, a resource centre for the lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, and queer community.

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