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Hot off the press from LSS: Parents’ Rights, Kids’ Rights

Parents' Rights, Kids' RightsThis revised seventh (2010) edition of Parents’ Rights, Kids’ Rights updates and expands on the content in the previous (August 2007) edition (which remains correct). The 2010 booklet:

  • Explains what can happen if the director of Children and Family Development has concerns about a child’s safety or is planning to remove a child from the family home
  • Describes current approaches used in making child protection decisions (presumption in favour policy and collaborative decision-making methods) and what can be decided at presentation and protection hearings
  • Includes a new chapter on the child protection process for Aboriginal children and families, with a two-page flow chart and page number references to explanations of steps in the booklet
  • Also includes a redesigned flow chart for the (non-Aboriginal) child protection process (similar to the recently released poster) also with page number references
  • Concludes with an updated and expanded list of resources (services, websites, publications) to further help readers and a new section of definitions for terms used in the publication

With its improved content and broader scope, the revised Parents’ Rights, Kids’ Rights will continue to help you in dealing with child protection issues.

To order free printed copies, please visit the Crown Publications website.

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