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Hot off the press from LSS: Live Safe — End Abuse Fact Sheet Series

This new series (eight fact sheets now available and two to come), describes 10 aspects of relationship abuse (domestic violence) to inform and educate readers about this issue. All list community support services and legal resources for further help (phone numbers, websites, publications). Topics include:

What the term abuse means; abuse that is against the law

  • If Your Sponsor Abuses You (fact sheet to come)

What newcomers (immigrants) to Canada can do if abused by their sponsors

  • Men Abused by Their Partners (fact sheet to come)

What men can do if abused in relationships; where to get help with this issue

How to make a safety plan for at home, outside the home, and after leaving an abusive relationship

The right to call police in abusive situations; how police can help; what happens when an abuser is arrested

What happens when an abuser faces criminal charges; what it means to be a trial witness; what happens at trial; possible sentences

What peace bonds, no contact orders, and restraining orders mean, and how to get and register protection orders

What these terms mean legally, parental rights in an abusive relationship

Government programs, spousal/child support, other financial help; dividing family assets; who is responsible for debts

Who has rights to the different kinds of land and housing on reserve when partners separate; how the courts can help

Each two-sided fact sheet is printed in a different colour and folded for convenient display in brochure racks. This series replaces the old Legal Information for Battered Women Fact Sheet Series (though the multilingual versions of the older series are still available online).

To order free printed copies, please visit the Crown Publications website.

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