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More about the Kamloops local agent

We introduced the Kamloops local agent, Louise Richards, yesterday, and today, we’ll introduce her team.

Louise works with two local agent assistants, May and Janet, who were in the Kamloops office before Louise joined the team. Janet started working for LSS in 2003 at the Kamloops Regional Office. When that shut down, it was a natural next step for her to work with Louise. Shortly after, May (a former classmate of Janet’s in the legal secretary program at University College of the Cariboo, now Thompson Rivers University) joined LSS in 2004.

“Louise and the staff of the Elizabeth Fry Society have made us feel very welcome and all are enjoyable to work with,” Janet said. “We have settled nicely in to our new office and routine — the transition made somewhat easier thanks to the Starbucks next door!”

“They’re the real local agents here — I’m just a figurehead,” Louise said of her co-workers. “They’re the ones who keep things running and they do an amazing job.”

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